Angelo D'Arrigo

Angelo d'Arrigo has flown all over the world over the course of his sporting career, at the highest international level of competitive flying . He has flown across seas, deserts, volcanoes, glaciers and mountain chains in some of the remotest parts of the planet, flying with eagles and all kinds of birds of prey.

Since graduation from the Parisian University of Sport, Angelo d'Arrigo has devoted himself to "extreme" sports. A licensed instructor for hang-gliders and paragliders, a ski instructor and Alpine guide, he is fortunately able to make a living from his passions in life.
From Mont Blanc to Cervino, from L'Aiguille Verte to L'Aiguille du Midi, he has been able to express his "Art" with formidable success.
With his team, known in France as "Les Funambulles de l'Extreme", he also plans to operate outside Europe: in the Himalayas and the Andes.
While making a documentary for the French TV company Antenne 2, Angelo first flew over the highest volcano in Europe, while in full eruption: Etna.
Attracted by the contrast of the elements in this landscape, he decided to establish himself on the flanks of the volcano and set up ETNA FLY National School of Hang-gliding.
Located in a unique and spectacular setting, where the four elements AIR WATER EARTH and FIRE commingle, this free-flight training centre has developed into a tourist village based on the practice of extreme sports: the No Limits Etna Center. It was at the inauguration of the NO LIMITS FLYING CENTER that Angelo met up with his old friend from Paris, Patrick de Gayardon. Together they created an air show that involved each in his own speciality. The name of this show was "THE DREAM OF ICARUS".
After years of professional sports and two world titles, Angelo decided to withdraw from the competitive circuit and devote himself to record flights.
He became part of the No Limits Sector Team where he plans, organises and realises free-flight sporting events.

Angelo took naturally to observing, studying and imitating the instinctive flight of the great gliders, which allowed him to perfect his own flying technique. He has totaled more than 15,000 hours of flight and has chosen to dedicate his wealth of experience to serving science.
So Angelo started a project called "Metamorphosis": to fly with the Earth's great gliders in order to uncover their flying technique and which paths they take. By taking advantage of ascending currents like they do and thus drifting for long periods by using the energy at high altitudes to move in long glides, he is able to travel by gliding slowly.
Angelo's research has led him to unique achievements in the skies of each land he has flown over. By following desert hawks he became the first man to cross the Sahara and the Mediterranean in free flight without using an engine, he crossed Siberia with Siberian cranes and, more recently, in the Himalayas on May 24 th 2004 he flew over Everest, the highest mountain in the world, with Himalayan eagles.

This is an incredible human experience, and Angelo is the star of extraordinary events in hostile and often unexplored places that have become the subject of documentaries and have rewritten history.