Angelo's adventures have been recounted and captured by a team of photographers and professional cameramen who have been following him over the course of his adventures. Television and cinema documentaries have been produced and purchased by the most important news agencies and major international networks.Images of Angelo have been around the world on the covers of international press titles.

Always visible

Partnership with Angelo can only lead to large increases in brand diffusion of his partners' brands: redemption is high because he features in countless television appearances in interviews, documentaries and TV broadcasts.
Angelo's image is managed by a separate press office, Barabino & Partners SpA, which organizes and develops a national and international presence in collaboration with partner companies. Every feat that Angelo accomplishes following his objectives is covered in close detail in the press, in both specialist and non-specialist newspapers and magazines.

Unique and inimitable

The clearest value is the uniqueness of Angelo's character and that of his ambitious project.
By associating itself with Angelo, a company thus associates its brand or any product it wants to advertise with the concept of inimitability and is perceived as a leader thanks to Angelo's determination to not 'standardise' and to look for alternative solutions, like the ever increasingly demanding consumer.


The project's ecological aspect constitutes another advantage. It aims to protect species destined for extinction for which the only hope of salvation relies on human intervention. After unbalancing thousands of years of equilibrium, Mankind is now trying to find a solution for this through people like Angelo. A position of ecological sensitivity and responsibility is an unrivalled bonus for a company looking for a healthy and worldly cutting-edge image.

High technology

If taking part in the Metamorphosis project is a perfect "brand" operation, it is no less profitable for a company wishing to launch or boost sales particularly of technologically advanced products. D'Arrigo, in fact, always talks during his television appearances about the novel technology that has helped him reach his goals.


The partner companies (ALITALIA, AMC, AMI, ELASIS, FERRINO, FIAT AUTO, GRUPPO MODENA, PAUL PICOT) that have been following Angelo d'Arrigo for years and the international media support he has received (National Geographic, Discovery Channel, Rai, BBC, IMAX film) have contributed to spreading a strongly positive image that is that is based on top-notch ecological and experimental values. This may constitute another incentive - to join a string of leading companies with a common goal of promoting their own image and reaching a uniquely noble objective together.