Metamorphosis project

In 2000 Angelo began Metamorphosis, a project mixing sport, ecology and naturalism, which is aimed at discovering the secrets of flight and the migratory routes of great glider birds across five continents. He continues to conduct research on the laws of imprinting in the footsteps of Nobel Prize winner Konrad Lorenz.

Angelo worked on an extension of Lorenz's work and put it into action it by "becoming a parent", having a newborn bird follow him on the ground from the moment it emerged from its egg. He developed a special strategy by which the chick takes its first flight together with Angelo, following him like a parent into its element, Air.

Angelo taught them to fly, hunt and make use of ascending currents so he could then follow them along their migratory route. Several bird species have been reintroduced into their natural habitat thanks to Angelo.

When sport is at the service of science

Angelo's project is backed by researchers in many fields and across the world, from sports medicine to aerospace medicine, from ornithology to aerodynamics. An authoritative pool of institutes and people have become inseparable project partners: the Italian Olympic (CONI) Committee's Centro di Medicina Sportiva (Prof. A. Dal Monte), the Italian Military Air Force's Centro Sperimentale di Medicina Aerospaziale (Gen. V. Parma), the FIAT Research Centre (Aeronautical Eng. N. Di Giusto), the International Crane Foundation in Washington (Dr. G. Archibald), the Russian Research Institute for Nature and Protection in Moscow (Prof. A. Sorokin).

The Metamorphosis project encompasses sport, adventure, science, technology and, last but not least, the dream of one man tied to flying and the symbiosis that exists between human beings and nature.
Metamorphosis is a great human adventure that is recounted through events taking place in several continents and cultures across the entire world.