January 6, 2006 – New record at Aconcagua!
December 31, 2005 - Angelo d'Arrigo flies over the Aconcagua
December 28, 2005 – efficiency of logistic support...
December 27, 2005 – Welcoming at Puente del Inca
December 25, 2005 – Transfer of the team from Mendoza to Puente del Inca
December 23, 2005 – The second day of flight tests...
December 22, 2005 – At Mendoza for the last test before the flight
December 21, 2005 – Coming back to base camp
December 20, 2005 – First flight in the Horcones Valley
December 19, 2005 – the stay and camp of Plaza de Mulas
December 18, 2005 – First stop at Confluencia
December 17, 2005 – The beginning of the alpine ascend to the Aconcagua
December 16, 2005 – Installation of the Base Camp at Puente del Inca

December 6, 2005 – Team departure from Italy
November 30, 2005 – Deltaplane aerodynamic studies
November 17, 2005 - Tests in weather chamber
November 7, 2005 - Tests in the ipobaric chamber
October 14-15-16 2005 – Aconcagua Survey

The Thoughts of Angelo after his flight on the 31st of December…

"Today on the 31st of December 2005 it was a very special day for me and my whole Team; after one years work with the Condor, Inca and Maya, I raised them and I flew with them on already on our Mt. Etna and after having developed a new wing technology designed with the study of the condor’s biological wing, at 9.15 in the morning, after about 2 hours of flight in the ascending currents from the rocky walls of the Andes cordillera, I was able to fly over the highest summit on the American content: the Aconcagua (6.962 mt). I felt like a condor in his natural habitat. From the greatness of nature mankind, worthy of observing her rules, may continue learning and discovering his habitat..."

"I dedicate this flight, that ended the last day of the year, to all the Italian explorers from the past, they distinguished themselves in the world and discovered new horizons in which today, we, may enjoy our present. I hope that the research work we began with this project may, one day, help the future generations..."

For my children
Angelo d'Arrigo

January 6, 2006 - New Record at Aconcagua

By flying his hang-glider to 9,100 (29,850 feet) meters above sea level, Angelo D'Arrigo has established a new world record for altitude, breaking the previous - which he also held. Just a few days previously he had achieved the first ever free flight across the Andean Cordillera, earning himself the epithet "Aconcagua Condor" and with the achievement of this second goal, D'Arrigo has accomplished the tasks he set himself before setting out for Argentina from his home on the Mediterranean island of Sicily.
The day promised optimal weather conditions, and so riding a meteorological wave generated by the Andes Cordillera, D'Arrigo today exceeded his first record - established at 9.000 meters (29,500 feet) in a flight over Everest in 2004 - by fully 100 metres (330 feet).
''I targeted my second goal in a week'', D'Arrigo told the Italian Press Agency ANAS, his joy at having established another new word record clearly visible.
''I had to leave the Aconcagua region -where on the 31st of December I had flown over the summit- because very strong winds were forecast" he continued "and so I moved south east, to the Rivadavia zone".
This morning, judging the meteorological conditions to be favorable, D'Arrigo decided to try to beat his own record. And managed it.
''I picked the volcano Tupungato because it creates an undulatory air movement, with regular oscillations and ascension currents, and that allowed me to reach my objective'' he explained.
The record of 9.100 meters was registered in a sealed barograph which will now be taken by the Italian Aero Club for the definite ratification by the Word Federation.
And so the 44 year old Italian world record holder considers his 'Aconcagua xp 05' mission successfully concluded. The expedition saw D'Arrigo, accompanied by his wife Laura and two sons Gabriele (13) and Ivan (3) as well as a 12-person strong team of scientists, set out from Europe for Argentina in mid December 2005. They made their base camp at Puente del Inca, only 20 kilometers from the Chilean boarder, from where he finalised the preparations for his Andes venture at the turn of the year.
Emulating the flight of the condor was a significant athletic and scientific challenge. On December 31st at 08.00 D'Arrigo's hang-glider was towed aloft from State Highway #7 (their temporary runway) by ultra light pilot Richard Meredith. ''And by 9:45 I was at 7.453 meters on the highest summit of America'' D'Arrigo said.
During the ascension, D'Arrigo doesn't use oxygen or breathing aids; instead, a traditional yoga breathing technique called 'Pranayama' which he has lengthily experimented at the Italian Military Air Force Medical Center for Aerospace. He explains, '' this allows me to overcome the problem of hypoxia by exploiting the diaphragm in a particular way that succeeds in lengthening the metabolism time''. In this way, he says, ''for the first time sport is at the service of science''.
After having used his hang-glider to guide a flock of young migratory storks from Russia to Iran, and after the conquest of Everest, now with the Aconcagua expedition already behind him, D'Arrigo has revealed that he already has a project ready for 2007: the flight over Monte Wilson (5.500 meters-18,000 feet) in Antarctica.''I want to contribute to the commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the signing of the Convention of scientific research at the poles by waving an Italian flag on the sixth continent". (ANSA).

December 31, 2005 - Angelo d'Arrigo flies over the Aconcagua

At 09.15 on the 12.31.2005 Angelo d'Arrigo flies over the Aconcagua, the highest mountain on the American content, the second highest summit in the word after the Himalaya.

In his project to fly over the highest mountains in the world his second objective has been accomplished.


Mail requests for information to: info@angelodarrigo.com
Press office in South America: 0054 911 6273 8962
(preferably after 19.00 Italian time)

December 28, 2005 – efficiency of logistic support that accompanies Angelo toward the flight of recognition

Today wake-up call is at 5:30, the whole team moving to accompany Angelo towards another flight of recognition with the parachute.
Thanks to the Fiat Auto proto-types (which we wont sat the name of!), we find ourselves it the heart of the Aconcagua Park.
Just like last year on Everest, again this year the Fiat’s 4x4 cars give great prestige and honor as declared.
With the helicopter assistance from Bell of the group Gruop Modena of Buenos Aires, Angelo is able to take off from points that would be otherwise inaccessible.
He successfully has more than one flight in this splendid scenery with all the members of the team watching and the majestic background of Aconcagua.

December 27, 2005 – Welcoming at Puente del Inca

At Puente del Inca It was amazing how the people from this town came to welcome us.
The local authorities were always at one’s disposal and with maximum cordiality.
La Gendarmeria by order of the Commander Rodolfo Marcelo Perez, will see that two men are there to assist during every take off and every landing.
The Argentina Army welcomed Angelo with formal greetings during the daily flag raising ceremony as you can see in the photos with the commander Guillelmo Canosa.
And is allowing us to use his own satellite internet hook-up so we can update ours.
The National Park of Aconcagua and the Park Ranger Pablo, who was an intermediary and helped us most professionally and ecologically..


Cerimonia ufficiale in rappresentanza del Team Aconcagua

Il condor, simbolo della Compania de Cazadores de Alta Montana


December 25, 2005 – Transfer of the team from Mendoza to Puente del Inca

After having completed the last tests of the Aero Club of Mendoza, the whole team transfers in car to Puente del Inca waiting for an operative window.

December 23, 2005 – The second day of flight tests at the Aero Club of Mendoza

Today was a general testing of the complete gear in high altitude.
There were also tests of the video cameras and photo cameras that will be placed on the delta plane while in flight.
Some small difficulties in the video camera set up were resolved by Andrea Brambilla and Matteo Carnevali from the image team.

Test di volo all'Aeroclub di Mendoza

Test di volo all'Aeroclub di Mendoza

Test di volo all'Aeroclub di Mendoza

Test di volo all'Aeroclub di Mendoza

Test di volo all'Aeroclub di Mendoza

December 22, 2005 – At Mendoza for the last test before the flight

After the flight on the west face of Aconcagua, 5700 mt, Angelo meet his team at Mendoza.
The last of the tests to put everything in order before the flight began today.
The first test had to do with the Bullet of the Woody Valley, l' harness created to a transparent aerodynamic dome, prepared specially for the event.
The result was extremely positive: perfect isothermal and maximum aerodynamicists.
The test was effectuated in flight pulled by Richard Meredith above the airport of Mendoza.
The whole team is excited. In the morning the we wake up at dawn for the tech. Maintenance while as in the evening we enjoy the austral nights in the "Parilla" of the “cordiglier andina” Tasting the best of Argentine meat..

Test di volo all'Aeroclub di Mendoza

Test di volo all'Aeroclub di Mendoza

Test di volo all'Aeroclub di Mendoza

Test di volo all'Aeroclub di Mendoza

December 21, 2005 – Coming back to base camp

After the flight with the parachute, Angelo goes back along the Horcones and after 8 hours on a mule to allow for quicker time, he meets back up with his team at the Base Camp of Puente del Inca.

Crepuscolo sull'Aconcagua

I preparativi per il rientro con i muli

Mulo o cavallo


December 20, 2005 – First flight in the Horcones Valley

After 5 days of alpine climbing and staying at the Base Camp of Aconcagua at the altitude of 4.300 meters for the acclimatization in sight of the next flight over the summit, finally this mornings forecast is favorable for flight conditions.
Angelo completes the plain that will lead him to continue the acclimatization, the alpine climb to reaching the Base Camp of Plaza de Mula to arrive at the Nido del Condor at the altitude of 5.560 meters.
But today at dawn, we foresee the first and maybe only day in the long astrale summer, which opens an operative window for Angelo’s free flight and he takes it.
As part of the essential baggage of the alpinists climber the “Jump” parachute 19 swing could not be missing.
Around 14:00 with full thermal activity on the west face of the of the Aconcagua, Angelo d'Arrigo takes off for his Jump as he penetrates the strong winds of the Valle dell'Horcones.
Take off is effectuated right above the Base Camp of Plaza de Mulas at 4.300 mt.
In a communication made by satellite as soon as he lands, it is Angelo who refers that "the thermal was violent but well defined" thanks to it, in very little time I was able to fly over the Nido del Condores and up the west face of the Aconcagua, arriving at the altitude of about 5.700 mt.
I flight the summit wasn’t possible because of violent winds that cut the formation of thermal currents at around 6.000 mt.
The flight was magnificent from a sporting point of view but it was extremely important as an aerial survey of the area.
At around 15,30 local time, He lands at the Base Camp in front of the video cameras of National Geographic . They filmed the whole flight sequence.
Angelo d'Arrigo guest of honors celebrates with "Champagne" the Park Guides a the alpinist he proposes to start the decent to Mendoza tomorrow to meet up with Richard Meredith who is finishing tuning the equipment needed for the test in flight with the delta for the tentative of the record as planned.

Il medico Marco Bosio al controllo saturimetrico in quota

In decollo dal versante ovest dell'Aconcagua

In volo sopra Nido del Condores

In volo sopra Punta Catedral

Verso l'atterraggio a Plaza de Mulas

December 19, 2005 – the stay and CAMP OF PLAZA DE MULAS

Stay and camp of Plaza de Mulas.

Campo base a Plaza de Mulas

Controllo medico

A Plaza de Mulas

Ghiaccio eroso sull'Aconcagua

December 18, 2005 – First stop at CONFLUENCIA

First stop at Confluencia. From the satellite telephone Angelo d'Arrigo communicates that the temperature is dropping fast and it is snowing. They are all well and hopeful that the conditions will get better and allow them to move on.

In marcia per la risalita

Si risale la valle dell'Horcones

December 17, 2005 – The beginning of the alpine ascend to the Aconcagua

Angelo takes off for the alpine climb up the Aconcagua.
The hike helps the acclimatization for the flight over the summit.
The members that take part in the expedition are: the tech. assistant Ugo Esposito, the operators Klaus Sherich e Markus Pfeiffer, the photographer Livio Bourbon, the doctor Marco Bosio, and our guide Daniel Estevez.
The atmospheric conditions are prohibitive: The local newsagents report exceptional temperatures for this time of year -60 degrees on the summit and winds of 100 km/h. they have reported 14 evacuations for the frostbite and breathing complications.

The forecast shows an improvement in the weather for the weekend.


Verso il campo di Confluencia

Lungo il percorso della risalita

Attraversamento dell'Horcones

Al Campo Base Confluencia

December 16, 2005 – Installation of the Base Camp at Puente del Inca

The group is composed of:
Angelo d'Arrigo, Richard Meredith, Laura Mancuso, Gabriele e Ivan d'Arrigo, Marco Bosio, Renato Moro, Andrea Brambilla, Livio Bourbon, Marco Carnevali, Ugo Esposito, Klaus Sherich, Markus Pfeiffer.

Next week at the base camp we are expecting the arrival of Nicky Meredith and co.

The base camp is sufficiently comfortable, each one of us is equipped with a single tent and ferrino accessories.

In the mess area, we cook in a healthy and ultra rapid way thanks to the AMC battery.

The group is varied but harmonious and there is an air of team spirit.

Sulla Pampa argentina

Si fa il punto

Puente del Inca

Arrivo al Campo Base

December 6, 2005 – Team departure from Italy

Angelo leaves Italy with his team.
Upon arrival a welcoming committee from the Group Modena of Buenos Aires.
First day the meeting with Fiat Argentina, and the Government Authorities which formally declare the project of “national interest”, taking care of documents, customs formalities, cargo, provisions and supplies for the Base Camp and other organizational needs.


Area of application: TECHNICHAL WING with FLIGHT FEATHER
Group ELASIS: Eng. Nevio Di Giusto - Eng. Gennaro Monacelli
University of Naples Federico II (Air Force Project Dept.): Prof. Eng. Domenico Coiro

November 17, 2005 - Tests in weather chamber

Temperatures minimum of 42.5 ° below zero / velocity max 100 km/h / beginning at 10:00
- 16:00 ending time

Wind Tunnel Fiat Automobiles Torino
Responsabile Eng. Giuseppe Fasolio

November 7, 2005 - Tests in the isobaric chamber

Military Italian Air Force Center for Experimental Flight - Air Force and Space Medicine

General Dr. Enrico Tomao – Head of Division – Major Dr. Francesco Torchia -
Head of Isobaric Sector – Lieutenant Colonel Dr. Marco Bosio

October 14-15-16 2005 - Aconcagua Survey

A 25 mila piedi

All'alba sull'aereo jet della FAA

Breafing con la Fuerza Aerea Argentina

Breafing pre decollo

Check List

Definizione del Campo Base

Definizione della rotta per il record

Dopo il sopralluogo in elicottero

In elicottero nella Valle dell'Horcones

In rotta per la cima

La parete Sud

Parete Nord Ovest Aconcagua

sopra la Cordigliera

Sopralluogo in elicottero dell'Esercito Argentino